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The simplest way to keep track of all the electronics in your life.

Test Once you've registered your device, servvis takes care of the rest. You're a swipe away from the best service and support available for your appliances and devices.

Authorized Service in Your Pocket - Servvis

What we do

We're all dependent on our electronics, and the panic when something goes wrong isn't the time to dig for receipts or call around to find someone to fix your device.

servvis ensures all your information is in one place. Once you've registered your device, we keep track of the rest: your warranty period, authorized service providers and support information for more than 100 global brands.

servvis: all your electronics information in one handy app..


How does servvis work?

You’re three steps away from effortlessly managing all of your electronic assets in one handy, free app.

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Device Detail Screen

Save as many devices as you wish including receipts, warranty information, and other relevant documents.

Call Authorized Service Provider

Reach technical support directly for hundreds of brands.

All of your electronic devices in one place.

servvis is a smarter way to record, track, and support all of your devices. servvis is at your service to keep your appliances, gadgets, and devices in order.

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